I came to know Jesus and grow in my faith in him through the ministry of Power to Change in the Philippines when I was a college student. I enjoyed sharing my faith and discipling others. I sensed that God was leading me to serve him in a full-time ministry after graduation. Since then, I have never looked back. As a business graduate, I would say that this is the greatest investment I have made. It is a joy to witness how God works and to participate in his business of changing lives.

My wife Sarah and I are blessed to serve God together as Mentor Coaches. We enjoy joining people on their spiritual journey and helping them draw closer to Jesus. We provide support to online mentors around the world. As a family, we desire to see more families, communities, and nations transformed by Jesus, who has the power to change anyone's life.

The harvest is plentiful but the workers are offline. Would you partner with us in reaching the world through prayer, financial investment in God's kingdom or personal involvement as an online mentor?

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