I am a truth seeker who has 45 years of experience passionately presenting the case for the Christian faith with Power to Change.

I have participated in more than 80 public dialogues/debates and hundreds of lectures on Canadian and American university campuses and internationally. I am familiar with most of the objections people have to believing in Christian Theism, as well as good responses to them. I earned an MA in Philosophy from the U of Toronto and have been a part-time Philosophy instructor at Trinity Western University & Summit Pacific College for 20 years. I am a member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society & the Society of Christian Philosophers.

I am also passionate about basketball! Even though my knees, after more than 50 years of impact, will no longer allow me to perform on the hardwood, I have continued to coach young men in high school & club programs, and at the collegiate level as a coach/chaplain for the Trinity Western University Spartans, and am currently a coach/chaplain for the Columbia Bible College Bearcats.

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