I have a happy affliction … far too many interests but only one lifetime within which to fully satisfy them. Thank God for eternity! It seems a little crazy how God’s custom training program works.

It started with growing up on a cattle and grain farm in central Canada; then it was off to university for a total of 14 years as a full-time student piling up various degrees, useful for papering the wall of our basement furnace room. Mix that in with experience as a professional engineer, being a husband of more than 38 years to the Queen of Hearts, and a dad to 6 kids. Then add 35 years of student ministry, spiced up with a love for hiking and canoeing in the northern wilderness, too many hobbies to mention, and a fascination for nature photography trying to capture God’s invisible attributes, eternal power, and divine nature. Finally, cement it all together with a love for the study of the Bible and you get an idea of the training program God has put me through.

All these things have prepared me for my part in P2C Digital Strategies, speaking at universities, conferences, and churches, and helping to create content for podcasts, short videos, and articles.

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