I was searching for identity and always had a desire to excel while growing up in Africa. When I connected to Jesus I experienced joy and peace that I wanted to share with others who had the same struggles I used to encounter. My faith, desire and passion continued to grow. I served with the youth group encouraging them to develop relationships with God which I still do. It was great to see them grow leaps and bounds and accept challenges. My motto has always been “just touch one life at a time” and online mentoring does it well.

Recently, I was inspired to do more and I realized that I could impact lives by being involved with online mentoring with P2C – Digital Strategies. After several conversations that included prayer and encouragement, one of my mentees struggling with depression and other issues in her life said, “I’m also really growing in my relationship with the Lord”. This was an inspiration to me to reach out more.

The world is online and many are hurting, looking for someone to show them Jesus, God’s love, compassion, care and the purpose for living! Recently, Isaiah 43:19 “.. I’m doing a new thing..” kept coming straight at me with the Holy Spirit prompting. Then I realized that the Lord was calling me to lead by investing and multiplying as a mentor Coach. God has been preparing me for this all along to be a difference maker.

Will you partner with me on this journey?

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