At the age of 9, I gave my life to the Lord Jesus and developed my relationship with him. As a prayer warrior, I use his dynamic strength and power and my creativity in the service of the Kingdom of God.

I grew up in Africa, studied in Europe, and now live in Quebec. The different facets and mentalities of the French-speaking world are familiar to me.

Married to Antoine and a mother of four, I have been serving faithfully in ministry with my husband for over twenty years. To know me is to know a woman who eagerly seizes every opportunity to share her life and her faith, especially with those who live without Christ.

Over the course of my life, I've become passionate and skilled at bridge-building, which prepared me well for my role with P2C Digital Strategies. Since 2016, I have been helping to pioneer digital strategies to reach the French speaking world. Online missionary work is the perfect avenue for my passion to reach souls for Christ.

Our multilingual sites reach a multitude of people who struggle with a variety of deep-seated wounds and connect them to the person of Jesus Christ. This caring and gracious Savior welcomes them with open arms and offers them a new life. I am helping to develop partnerships with churches in Quebec so that together we can point people to Jesus online and help them grow into committed disciples.

My dream is to see 50% of francophone America born again in the next 5 years!

The French-speaking world is online. Would you partner with me to help them know Jesus?

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