Jesus' command to go and make disciples of all nations would overwhelm me without the knowledge that we don’t do it alone! I am so thankful that Jesus himself is with us, empowering us by his Holy Spirit, and that all believers are part of the plan. But I’m also challenged by the knowledge that I have an indispensable part in making disciples everywhere. Right now I’m grateful that my place in the plan is as a staff member of P2C Digital Strategies.

As part of the mentoring team, I love interacting with people who respond to the content on our websites. I empathize with them as they share their problems and seek to help them move forward in their spiritual journeys, either to get to know Jesus for the very first time or to grow in him. But what’s perhaps even more exciting is that I multiply my personal reach many times over by helping train and support our many volunteer mentors.

I spent about 25 years in ministry in Nigeria, where I also got to know people from several other African nations, and then I lived and made friends in a neighborhood full of new immigrants to Canada (mostly Asian) for several years. So beyond obeying Jesus’ command, I also have a very personal interest in seeing people from many nations come to know Jesus. As mentor support staff, I help make that happen.

The world is online. Will you join us in helping them know Jesus?

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