God has taken me along an unexpected path. After more than a decade at one company as a mechanical engineer, I've become an independent contractor. This allows me to find projects more in line with how I'd like to serve God and love others.

Combining 20 years of experience in computer programming with my passion to share the gospel and make disciples, I've been given the opportunity to serve part-time with P2C Digital Strategies and work towards their mission statement, "Helping people online to know Jesus."

P2C Digital Strategies empowers me to pursue God's calling, supporting me to innovate new ministry endeavours. My primary role includes developing ways to search social media for spiritual hungry people. At the same time, I will support P2C Digital Strategies in their preexisting work to increase the effectiveness of their outreach.

God has given me this opportunity to use my skills and passions to further the Great Commission. Will you prayerfully consider regularly praying for this ministry and partnering financially? I hope you will join me in finding spiritually hungry people online and leading them to become disciples of Jesus.

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