The Ugly Truth

Kyla noticed her teenage son was acting strange. He had been spending a lot of his time alone in his bedroom on his computer.

He got connected to an online group of Muslim radicals and grew to hate Christianity.

Kyla was terrified. She found this testimony online and she sent our Arabic ministry an email asking for help.

John, one of our mentors, hoped that his background as a former Muslim would give him credibility in Sammy's eyes. But Sammy was angry and resistant at first. Thankfully, God softened Sammy's heart and he agreed to meet with John.

John and Sammy got together online for a couple of hours a day, investigating Islam. Sammy found out the ugly truths behind his Islamic heroes. With John's help, Sammy started to understand what the Bible really said about the issues that initially caused him to turn away.

Hallelujah! Sammy had completely rejected Islam! John was full of joy to witness Sammy's repentance, prayer, and dedication of his life to Jesus Christ.

Sammy's mother, Kyla, also learned a lot from listening in on their calls and no longer felt threatened by Islam. Her heart was full of faith!

"Hello John, thank you very much for leading me back to the truth and giving up your time for our lessons. I will try my best to do the same and spread the teachings of Christianity and save others the same way that you saved me. I will also try my best to be a good Christian. God bless you." - Sammy, one week after dedicating his life to Jesus

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