Spiritual Multiplication

Six months ago, two young Christians met via TMM.io. Yvette wrote in asking for help in learning to communicate better with others. Nadine, three years old in the Lord, was a new mentor learning to trust God's Spirit to direct her thoughts and prayers as she accompanied Yvette in her spiritual journey.

They wrote back and forth about the challenge of opening up to others without pressuring them to love us. When Nadine offered to pray for Yvette’s relationship with others, the conversation quickly turned to how a vibrant relationship with Jesus can fill our heart with love and enable us to learn from him how to communicate well.

Nadine encouraged Yvette to draw upon Christ’s love to fill her needy heart. This was hard for Yvette to imagine, so they spent a lot of time talking about how growing closer to Jesus involves experiencing his love and forgiveness daily.

Nadine also explained how God does not expect us to live in our own strength. Instead, he invites us to trust his Spirit moment by moment for the ability to walk with him in love by faith. One day, Yvette wrote to share that God had spoken these powerful words to her: "You are freed!"

For Yvette, this was a turning point. As she became more assured of God's love and presence in her life and started trusting God to fill her and direct her, she began to see changes in her relationships — both at home and at church. In fact, the Christian who had broken up with her even sought reconciliation with her as he saw her renewed desire to love and serve the Lord.

This budding friendship between two sisters in the Lord continues to develop as they both encourage one another and learn from each other.

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