Spiritual Multiplication

Yvette wanted help with communicating better with others. She wrote in to our French site and connected with Nadine. Nadine is a new Christian and she's been learning to trust God to direct her as an online mentor.

Nadine shared about how a vibrant relationship with Jesus transforms how we love and communicate with others. She encouraged Yvette to ask Jesus to fill her needy heart with love. She shared how growing closer to Jesus means we experience his love and forgiveness on a daily basis.

God was at work in Yvette's heart. She had a hard time understanding at first, until one day, Yvette heard these powerful words from God: "You are freed!"

This was a turning point. Yvette finally felt assured of God's love and presence in her life. She began to see big changes in her relationships — both at home and at church. She could see that the God she trusted has been at work all along.

They both encourage and learn from each other as this growing friendship continues.

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