You Really Made A Difference

Online mentoring is a ministry that is borderless and flexible. No matter the schedule or lifestyle, mentors can adjust their capacity for receiving messages. As seasons change, the rhythms of our life change, too. Maya had to stop mentoring due to the busyness of life. When she told a few mentees that she was leaving, this is what Elly said:

Hello Maya,

I forgot that you only started as a random person I talk to to help me out. Honestly, though, I felt something a lot deeper. I felt like this is the only space in the world where I can talk without being judged.

I want to tell you before leaving, you should always be proud of having this experience. I really appreciate your sacrifice in time and words. You always had your way of understanding and you’re not afraid to say what you think, regardless of how I may feel about it. I appreciate this since it helped me see my problems from different perspectives.

Thank you for everything. The fact is my emailing you wasn’t because I wasn’t able to manage myself anymore. It was more that I wanted to share my life with you.

I will miss you. You really made a difference in my life. If someday you had a dark time and you felt you’ve never been useful, remember me.

You made me look at the rope that was always there to help myself out of the well.

I’ll always mention you in my prayers and ask God to be with you just like you were with others.

Big hugs, Elly

We are always encouraged to hear that our mentors receive messages like these. We know our mentors do make an impact and that it's only by the power of the Holy Spirit that lives are touched through the faithful obedient gestures of sending one message at a time. Please pray for Elly, that God would continue to reveal himself to her in very special ways.

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