Shattered Religion: Eyes Opened to Reality

Fatima, a 20-year-old student in a closed Muslim country, searched the words “Holy Spirit” on Google. The very first search item was a link to one of our Arabic websites. After reading an article relevant to her search, she requested a chat on Whatsapp and connected with Najat and Paul, former Muslims who now lead our Arabic ministry.

Fatima shared with them how she had first heard about Jesus Christ two years earlier on a Christian YouTube channel. Initially, she was skeptical about what their claims regarding Islam. But over the course of a year, Fatima did her own research and came to this conclusion:

“Islam is full of lies and deception. I was shocked to hear about the reality of Islam and about the life of Muhammad. I refused to be part of it any longer.”

Fatima knew her life would be in danger if her family discovered that she had abandoned Islam. But she was hungry for the true God and continued to search for Him. She started to read the Bible and was deeply moved by Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

Like almost all Muslims who come to faith in Christ, Fatima was profoundly affected by what Jesus said in chapters 5 to 7 of the Gospel of Matthew. His words were radically different from those of Muhammad. When she expressed her need to know more about Jesus, Najat and Paul prayed and shared the gospel with Fatima. Then she freely confessed her faith and decision to follow Jesus!

Fatima was concerned that the Holy Spirit would not come to her if she did not undergo water baptism. It was very good news for her to hear that water baptism is not necessary for salvation but a symbol representing it (Ephesians 2:5-9).

When Najat and Paul shared their stories of faith and conversion with her, Fatima was truly delighted. “You’re going to understand my journey ahead, because you’ve already been there!” she exclaimed.

Like any new believer, Fatima continues to have questions, and Paul and Najat always respond to her requests to chat because they have a deep desire to help her grow as a disciple.

Will you pray for Fatima? Pray for her protection and for wisdom for the Arabic team as they coach, support, and teach her.

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