Saudi Arabia Quest

Hisham* is from Saudi Arabia. All his life, he heard about the laws and requirements of Islam. Yet over the years, he entertained increasingly disturbing questions about the religion of his birth. In recent years, the rhetoric and violence of ISIS increased Hisham’s inner turbulence.

When Hisham took his questions online, he met someone on Facebook who gave him our Arabic ministry’s WhatsApp’s number. As he talked with members of the Arabic team, he learned more troubling facts about Islam from the Qur’an and the Hadiths — the primary sources of Islamic Scripture. And none of the Imams he turned to could speak persuasively to the doubts those facts provoked.

Although Hisham lost his faith in Islam, he still believed in God the Creator. He began to read the Arabic Bible online and continued to ply the Arabic team with questions. He also listened to testimonies by other former Muslims like himself who had discovered God through his Son. After hearing the gospel in his own language, he became a follower of Jesus. The truth made sense to him.

*Name changed for privacy.

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