Retirees Can Make A Difference

When we feel like giving up in ministry, God often encourages and prompts us at just the right time. Leah, one of our francophone mentors, told her Mentor Coach that she was contemplating whether or not she should continue mentoring.

I wonder if I am even being used in this ministry. I must confess, I’m going through a spiritual drought. Since I retired, I no longer enjoy or feel motivated to do what I need to do.

When Leah checked her inbox, she received a message from, Kathryn*, her mentee, who she’d been mentoring for 5 months. Kathryn was going through a divorce after a long season of abuse from her husband. She attempted suicide twice in the past and eventually reached out for an online mentor on our French Issues I Face site.

Here’s what she said:

_I thank God for putting good people in my life. I want to take advantage of what life has to offer me. I really want to live, and I haven’t felt that way in months! My faith and the support you’ve given me on my journey has allowed me to move on.*

*Thank you so much! I hope you are happy because you deserve it! I did the study that you suggested to me and it was so good at showing and helping me reflect on what is essential in life. I thank God for putting you in my life._

Leah believed this was a clear message from God that her efforts as a mentor really do make a difference!

Leah dreams of making an impact, even though it’s taken months to see the fruit, have come true. She decided to continue serving as an online mentor and help the hurting know Jesus.

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