Restoration and Freedom

Something told Sunil to search online for someone to talk to. Earlier this year, he was at the end of his rope and ready to leave it all behind. That's when he wrote in to our Indonesian Issues I Face site.

Sunil grew up a conservative Muslim. But that all changed when he went to college. He dated a man who become his entire support system. Clothes, food, the roof over his head, all provided by his boyfriend.

Something got in the way of Sunil accepting his own homosexual lifestyle. He knew it was wrong, but he was afraid to lose everything he had. Sunil was so conflicted. He couldn't return home because his family would reject him. He had nowhere else to go and no one else to turn to.

Until he went online and met Taman. We believe the Something that had been calling out to Sunil all those years was Jesus!

Taman is one of our Digital Strategies leaders in Indonesia and an online mentor. Taman has been walking with Sunil through his depression and life's struggles over WhatsApp for several months. He offered a listening ear and, most importantly, the love of Jesus.

And just recently, Sunil gave his life to Christ! He's been freed from homosexuality as God has restored his self image. He has even shared his faith with 5 of his non Christian coworkers, and two of his friends have come to church with him.

Here's what Sunil said:

I was ready with the rope. I even wrote a note but something told me this was not the way for me to go.

God was working in me to make me search the internet and finally connect with brother Taman. May 27, I still remember that day. It was a turning point in my life. Brother Taman built up my faith and discipled me.

What used to make me so fearful, I now lift up to God. My image and self-esteem are being restored by Jesus.

Sunil and Taman were able to meet in person for the first time a few months later. It was a time of shedding tears and wonderful fellowship.

Our online mentoring ministry goes beyond the internet and WhatsApp. God is changing lives, one conversation at a time, and he moves at his own perfect pace!

This is what Taman shared with us:

I used to think the only purpose for me communicating with mentees was for them to accept Jesus when I shared the gospel.

This goal looks good, but I finally realized that this is an insincere way of loving the mentees. Whether they accept Jesus or not, I have to sincerely build a conversation with them, which is sometimes a very long and lengthy process.

The Great Commission and the Great Commandment in Mark 12:30 becomes clearer through this ministry.

Praise God, I have also shared this lesson learned with all of our mentors.

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