Our New Live Chat Feature

We are working on a new live chat feature on our websites. Live chat is much more engaging than email and meets the need for people to talk to a mentor now instead of having to wait.

When Jen from Botswana searched for "guidance on life", our Issues I Face site was the first to show up. She used our new live chat feature and Sheldon, our Director, responded.

Jen was struggling to make good decisions in life. She didn't know what to do. So when Sheldon offered to pray for her, she welcomed it!

Jen had a Christian background but still felt lost. So Sheldon encouraged her: if she focused on loving God and loving others first, God would direct her steps.

"i really love this website, its the first live chat that was really helpful"

What a great first live chat experience! Here is another story from Jared and Dylan.

Jared is one of our long-time mentors. Through our new live chat feature, Jared chatted with Dylan for nearly 3 hours. Dylan made a very rash vow to God but did not find peace. He did not think he could be forgiven.

As they continued to chat, God spoke to Dylan and began to soften his heart. Dylan sent this final message to Jared before closing the chat:

"You truly are an amazing person. Without this conversation I may not have found peace."

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