New Life After Abortion

Monica*'s first message was brief: “Never get an abortion.”

Karen*, one of our mentors, received this message and asked Monica: “I was wondering if you sent your message because you are suffering the aftermaths of an abortion? If so, please know I am here if you want to talk about it confidentially.”

Monica shared that she had gotten an abortion 3 weeks ago. “I am still suffering from it. I am filled with guilt. I have lost all peace. If only someone had counseled me before I did it, but now, it is too late. I am seeking inner peace, but have not yet found it. Thank you.”

Karen felt that God was strongly encouraging her to speak to Monica right away about the love and forgiveness Christ offers. She started the letter by saying:

“I cannot imagine the pain you are experiencing right now. I would like to be there to hold you in my arms and let you cry out all your tears until your pain is gone. It is true that sometimes, we make decisions that we come to deeply regret. Fear and anxiety sometimes make us do something we would never have done otherwise. But I want to let you know that you can find great peace through Jesus. I don't know if anyone has ever spoken to you about him, but please know that Jesus offers perfect and complete forgiveness for all the wrong we have done, and that includes abortion.”

Karen shared a link to a Gospel presentation and prayed that Monica would experience God's love, forgiveness, and comfort.

Within hours, Monica wrote back saying: “Thank you so much for praying. I feel a peace I have not felt for a while. May God bless you for the love and joy you offer people. Your prayer and your support are so helpful. I will also go read the article. Thank you so much, and Amen!’

Monica has decided to follow Jesus and Karen continues to follow up with her. The conversation continues!

*Name changed for privacy.

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