New Country, New Friends, New Faith

Fatima felt isolated and alone in a strange new land. She and her family immigrated to Germany from Iran before the pandemic and she dreaded having to return to school.

When she saw a Google ad for our Farsi Issues I Face site, she wrote in to talk with one of our online mentors, Jessica. Jessica drew from her own experiences as an immigrant to relate to Fatima's struggles. Their friendship grew and Jessica built trust with Fatima.

She shared that love is like a light that shines in the darkness and brings kindness and unity. Fatima asked how she could have this light. She wanted to change, but had no idea how. That's when Jessica shared about how God invites us to change and become a new person, to be born again.

Fatima loved that expression, “born again”. 

Fatima recognized that she had both love and hate in her heart. How could she change by tomorrow?

Jessica shared that change this big does not happen overnight and that she follows Christianity. She shared links to Christian worship videos to encourage her. Fatima said she prayed along with the songs, and found peace and comfort through them.

She was eager to learn more about Christianity. Jessica began to share her own faith story and shared a link to an explanation of the Gospel in Farsi.

Fatima decided to follow Jesus. And Jessica offered to be there for her to help her grow. She prayed for her and talked about how the Holy Spirit would help her and strengthen her. Fatima is experiencing the joy of seeing God answer her prayers about school life, and their conversation continues.

Please pray that Fatima’s parents will not object to her desire to know more about Jesus, and that she and Jessica will continue to develop a fruitful mentoring relationship as Fatima discovers more about her new life in Jesus.

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