My God is Alive

Zohreh and her husband had a rocky marriage from the start. Their families were never supportive of their relationship, but they loved each other and pushed through anyway.

Her husband moved to India to practice specialized medicine, leaving her behind in Kabul. She did her best to be a supportive wife. So imagine her heartbreak when she found out her husband had cheated with a patient she referred to him for treatment!

That’s when Zohreh went online to talk to a mentor through our Issues I Face site in Farsi.

Our mentor in Germany, Manijeh, replied with empathy. As a Muslim in Afganistan, Zohreh initially resisted Manijeh’s prayers and bible verses due to fear of the government finding out about their conversation. So, Manijeh suggested that she pray to God instead of Jesus, to write the prayers down in a notebook and add them to her prayer time to Allah.

“I pray from my notebook every day, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I’ve been praying for my husband and I can see that he’s changing. He has become very kind and shows love to me differently than before.”

“I don’t know if it’s these prayers or just coincidence, but after getting to know Jesus Christ, good things started happening. Ever since I met Jesus, I feel that my life has become colourful and prosperous!”

Even Zohreh’s husband, who discovered his wife’s conversation with Manijeh, expressed awe at the positive changes in his wife’s attitude towards him. Manijeh mentors him now, too.

After a year of talking to Manijeh, Zohreh gave her life to Jesus!

“I believe in this God who is alive. I believe in Jesus. I pray in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This God who is alive answers my prayers!”

Manijeh continues to mentor Zohreh in how to follow Jesus and to trust him in difficult times. And as her passion for Christ continues to grow, Zohreh is taking steps to share Jesus with others in her life in Afghanistan.

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