Mentoring knows no age

Gigi has been an online mentor with us for over 7 years. She’s enjoyed it so much that she invited her friend, Emma, to become a mentor, too.

Emma is in her mid-80s. Emma had been wanting to reach others but felt like there was no way.. until she learned about The Mentor Ministry.

“Through TMM, God has given me the privilege of joining Him in sharing the love of Christ to a broken and desperate world.

I am learning to read and listen carefully to what is shared, pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and then to respond. Mentoring has kept me more disciplined in seeing the need to reach out to others and share what Christ means to me, and how He has changed my life.

It has also helped me to search for particular areas in Scripture for a particular need that I felt would be of help and encouragement to the mentee and thus growing in my own knowledge of the Scripture.

Realizing that there are multitudes of hurting, lonely and lost out there who have not experienced Jesus’ life-changing work, and who are desperately in need of a Savior, I have been more keenly aware of the urgency in sharing Jesus’ message with them.” - Emma, 84-year-old mentor

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