Mei kept her baby

OnlineCare provides crisis pregnancy and abortion grief support through their online, peer counselling service to clients across Canada - and now, with our ministry's help, internationally, too! They partner with the 82 pregnancy care centres across the country and seek to support those who are not yet ready to receive in-person support or do not have access to a pregnancy care centre nearby.

OnlineCare started using a customized version of August 2021 and, since then, we've been able to help their peer counsellors respond to 333% more clients in just six weeks!

Here is an example of the impact this partnership has made.

Mei was new to Canada when she found out she was pregnant. This happened as she was contemplating returning to her home country to get away from her abusive husband. As she struggled to think about raising a child within this abusive relationship, Mei was not sure whether she could continue the pregnancy. This is when Mei turned to OnlineCare and found a compassionate and supportive peer counsellor, Ruth.

Through their conversation online and Ruth’s referral to her local pregnancy care centre, Mei found comfort and support for the struggles she was going through. The help of the pregnancy care centre and relationship that was created between Mei and Ruth eventually helped lead Mei to believe that the right choice for her would be to continue her pregnancy. Even as Mei eventually moved back to her home country for safety and family support, Ruth continued to walk with her throughout her pregnancy journey through OnlineCare.

Mei gave birth to her beautiful baby girl, earlier than expected and navigated premature birth health concerns with help from her family and support network. She continued to receive practical support from her pregnancy care centre by attending parenting classes virtually. Ruth has encouraged Mei with spiritual and emotional support as she navigates this new season of motherhood.

“I know God or whoever is up there is looking out for me and my baby girl. He is giving me strength and wisdom to choose the best path for me and my baby... We are more than grateful to have your support half way around the world... ” - Mei

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