Manijeh's Legacy

Laylah was so excited when she learned about The Mentor Ministry. She signed up to be an online mentor right away. She chose “Manijeh” as her pseudonym, the name of her dear friend who passed away.

Laylah didn't know it at first, but Manijeh was a big supporter of our Farsi ministry, even before it officially started! The real Manijeh was also a dear friend of Hannah's and she helped Laylah when she moved to Germany many years ago. What a beautiful connection!

Laylah and Hannah meet every morning to pray together for the Farsi ministry. Laylah is now a mentor coach who trains and supports other mentors. She also invites other Farsi-speaking Christians to become mentors and often shares our Farsi site with people around her.

Here's what one of Laylah's mentees sent her:

“I am so glad and praising the Lord that I know you. Thank you for all your help and words of comfort… You help me see that there is hope. I learned from you to be a good listener to my friends and help them with words of sympathy, compassion and love. Thank you so much for supporting me.”

God continues to multiply Laylah’s impact and continue the legacy of Manijeh. It's amazing to know that "Manijeh's" mentees even tell their own friends about online mentoring so they, too, can find a trustworthy friend.

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