Learning to Surrender

Discipleship is an ongoing journey. Day by day, we learn to walk in the power of the Spirit. This is Reanne's story.

Reanne and her boyfriend constantly argued. They’d been dating for 2 years and used to pray together, but something changed. She went to Cru.org to request an online mentor and connected with Mandy. 

Reanne believed in Jesus but didn’t see how her faith could make a difference in her relationship. Mandy shared how the Holy Spirit has changed her own life, and how the fruit of the Spirit can help strengthen Reanne's relationship. Mandy also shared a Cru.org resource about the Holy Spirit’s power to help her understand this further. 

Reanne realized that her faith was weak. She wanted to share her faith and live it out but didn’t know how. The Holy Spirit is at work in Reanne's heart! With Mandy's prayers and support, she is learning how to surrender her entire life to Jesus.

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