I don't want to hate myself

“I want to learn to accept who I am. I don’t want to hate myself anymore.”

This was the first message from a young girl in Gabon named Wonderful. She was searching for answers and came across our Issues I Face site in French.

Josephine, our mentor in Quebec responded, expressed empathy and invited Wonderful to share why she was feeling this way.

“It's mainly because I’m overweight and I don’t have confidence in myself…”

The Holy Spirit led Josephine to ask about Wonderful’s name. She shared that it reminded her of Psalm 139 where the psalmist praised the Lord for being fearfully and wonderfully made. It turns out that Wonderful's mother is a Christian and she named her because of that very verse.

This opened the door for Josephine to ask about Wonderful’s spiritual journey; if she studied what God said about her in the Bible, she could ground her identity in God’s words rather than her feelings or other’s views of her.

Wonderful had a lot of questions about forgiveness. She felt like her issues were too serious for God to forgive her.

Josephine shared her own journey of how she discovered who she was in God’s eyes. She shared what the Bible says about finding your identity and forgiveness in Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit opened Wonderful's eyes. She came to understand that all her sins were fully covered by Jesus on the cross. Wonderful decided to trust Jesus and invite the Holy Spirit into her life with joy.

Josephine continues to journey with Wonderful. Together, they pray and study the bible, and every day she learns more about walking with Jesus. Wonderful and her mother are now part of a church community, thanks to Josephine's encouragement.

Wonderful is learning that emotions come and go, but that God wants her to lean into him to walk by faith, rather than just feelings.

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