Hope as a Second Language

Sarah used to serve as a missionary in East Asia until God called her to teach English at a seminary in Canada. When Sarah connected with Anna, she learned about the amazing opportunity to reach the lost through online mentoring.

Our Farsi ministry reaches Iranians who are searching for hope, but because of internet censorship, our ads also reach people in surrounding countries. In one particular closed Islamic country, the government has banned women from going to work and school.

Young women from this country have thankfully found us online and our mentors have found multiple ways to support them. They’ve even invited their friends and relatives to connect with our mentors, too.

Anna and Sarah had deep compassion for these mentees and wanted to support them in other ways. So, they decided to host an ESL class. One by one, mentees invited their friends to join the weekly classes on Zoom. There are now 31 students in their WhatsApp group!

Sarah leads meaningful discussions about peace and hope. She shares verses from the bible and speaks about the Prince of Peace without mentioning Jesus by name. These lessons have allowed them to have deep spiritual conversations, all while improving their English skills.

There is such strong spiritual warfare surrounding this ESL ministry. Some students have even shared extremely radical beliefs and they are constantly at risk of being found out by the government. Anna and Sarah ask God for protection over their students’ electricity, internet connection, and to be overlooked by the government. We believe God can use this group to change hearts.

Through online mentoring and this ESL ministry, we pray that more people facing oppression will know the hope they can have in Christ.

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