From Online to Church

Recently, the community leader for one of our partner churches in India shared the following story with us. It offers a beautiful example of how God can use online mentoring to pave the way towards local church involvement, one conversation at a time:

“A person I have been communicating with online for a few months came and met with me near my church.

Abe* comes from a conservative Hindu family. Though he has experienced Christmas at a church before, he’s never experienced a worship service. By God’s grace, the Hindi service at our church called Yeshu Naam Satsang (meaning a holy gathering in the name of Jesus) was occurring on the day we met in person.

We met, prayed together, and spoke for a couple of hours before the service. Abe has been an ardent follower of a Hindu ‘guru’ (spiritual teacher). Though he had professed to have accepted Christ, he didn’t quite understand the gravity of it until we met today. As the Holy Spirit led our discussion, I was able to share the differences between a guru and the Lord Jesus Christ and why he cannot be ‘sailing in two boats at the same time.’ I was also able to give him a New Testament in English.

After our time together, we attended the service. Abe was very touched by it. He swayed to the music during worship and listened carefully to the pastor’s message.

Because he lives about 25 miles away, I have encouraged him to join a church very close to his home for discipleship and fellowship. A pastor from that church has agreed to receive him at his church and make him feel at home.”


*Names changed for privacy.

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