Saved from Prostitution

"I'm going to finish reading the book of John but using my English Bible. I'll continue to learn and answer the questions. I will follow God's will as he allows. Thank you."

These were Sidonie's words. When you read this message, you might expect them to come from a long-time Christian.

Sidonie lives in Kenya, while her mentor Dalia is from Québec, Canada.

Sidonie sought help online through our French seeker site because she was out of work and suffering deeply. It became increasingly difficult to find a job and the cost of living was getting too expensive.

Dalia began to send bible verses to Sidonie. Someone approached Sidonie, asking her to sleep with him and become a prostitute herself. By the grace of God, as Sidonie contemplated accepting the role, she was reminded of the the scriptures Dalia sent her.

These were Sidonie's words:

"Thank you. Before, I thought of selling my body to make a living so I could have a decent life, but today, all of that has changed. I give it all to Jesus so that he will deliver me. Many times, I relied on my own strength but I was unable to resolve my problems.

I feel a sense of inner happiness and peace, a security Iève never felt before. Even though there are a thousand reasons why I should go mad, God is sovereign and all powerful. I hope that one day He will restore my family.

Thank you so much, Dalia. You have helped strengthen my faith."

Today, thanks to some of Dalia's contacts in Quebec, Sidonie now has a job translating devotionals from French to English with a Christian ministry in Kenya.

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