How Anna was Delivered to Hope

Ever feel like you want to move on from your past but painful memories keep coming to mind? It isn’t any easier when your past leaves physical scars, visible to those around you. But it’s through Jesus that we can have deliverance and hope.

This is Anna’s story.

Anna* finally stopped cutting herself a while ago, but the people around her wouldn’t let her forget what she'd done to herself. Like you and me, she just wanted to feel loved and accepted.

When Anna saw our ad online, “There is Hope”, she decided to write in and connected with Kathy, one of our mentors. Anna shared that she couldn’t trust anyone and felt ashamed. She had prayed to God about her struggles but it didn’t feel like he was listening.

i don't want to hurt anymore. i wanna feel like i’m good enough and feel loved. i don’t want people to judge me. i hate myself. i hate that i feel this way and i hate that i can’t go to anyone for help.

Anna grew up as a Christian but never thought to ask herself if she really believed in God. After many messages back and forth, Kathy began to share the Gospel with her. When she eventually asked Anna if she had ever trusted in Jesus as her Saviour and Lord, Anna decided to take this step of faith.

i told god i needed him, and asked him for forgiveness. i asked him to be with me and take control of my life. i asked him to guide me stay on the right path. i asked god a lot more too.

**Anna gave her life to Jesus. **

If you’ve given your life to Jesus, you have an assurance of hope and salvation. You are freed from your past and shame. Kathy now continues to guide Anna and is helping her to gain God’s perspective on the different challenges she faces. You, too, can help guide people like Anna to Jesus.

Anna gave her life to Jesus because people like you have been praying for and giving to this ministry! I hope you don't take that for granted.

*name changed to protect confidentiality

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