Dating the Wrong Guy

Alice*, a woman from Kenya, had been wondering whether or not she should break up with her boyfriend. When she saw our Facebook ad about our Issues I Face story, Dating the Wrong Guy, she read it before sending us a first message: “He doesn't create any time for me... all he thinks of is sex... looks for excuses not to meet up with me...”

Upon receiving that message, Joy, one of our online missionaries from Kenya, responded beautifully, empathizing with Alice's frustrations before asking her an excellent question: “Do you see a promising future with a man who is not interested in investing time in the relationship?”

Alice answered by saying that she wanted to move on, but did not know how to deal with the fact that he had mistreated her.

Again, Joy communicated with compassion and wisdom, encouraging her to read articles about getting over a broken heart and renewing her virginity. Before signing off, she wrote: “I would like to add that what I have found to be true in my life is that when my relationship with God is in the right place, often times, my other relationships seem to be much better. Have you ever considered that this is what is happening in your life?” She then briefly described the forgiveness God offers and invited Alice to commit her life to God.

Alice's response was brief, but exciting: “Yes. I would like to make a commitment. I really need God in my life.”

When Joy sent her another letter to clarify exactly what committing one's life to Christ entailed, Alice replied: “I feel relieved and am ready to begin a life with Christ.”

Imagine how Joy felt as she answered, rejoicing with Alice over the relief she was feeling and inviting her to discover more about her newfound faith!

Alice has now signed-up for an eight-part series we designed for new believers, Your Life with Jesus, so she can grow in her faith alongside a mentor.

*Name changed for privacy.

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