A Rare Québécois Seeker

Denise*, a young mother from Québec City, requested a mentor who could help her in her search for God.

A seasoned mentor responded to her request, asking for more details.

Denise revealed that she did believe in a superior power, but was not too sure that it was God. She knew that Jesus really existed in history, but did not believe he performed miracles or rose from the dead. However, she was listening to Christian radio lately, and was wondering what people meant when they talked about “real Christians.” Her last question was very poignant: “Do you think I am a lost cause because of what I said about Jesus?”

The mentor replied: “Please know that you are far from being a lost cause since you are sincerely asking questions about God, Jesus, and faith. I am so impressed by your desire to reflect seriously on these issues.”

She then invited Denise to explore the existence of God by looking at the various ways God had revealed himself to us in history and in the Scriptures. She also shared a link that explained what it meant to be a “real Christian.”

Two days ago, Denise wrote in to say that she had bought a Bible because she wanted to read each reference the mentor had suggested in its context. She had also printed the Gospel summary the mentor had sent because she wanted to study it more in depth. She then asked the mentor to send her an answer to her question about Jesus’ resurrection, which the mentor readily did.

*Name changed for privacy.

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