I’m currently a student at York University attaining a BA in Psychology and suffering from a bad case of “eternal student syndrome.” A condition that just so happens to be an extension of my eccentric and curious nature to explore, learn, and discover. Although I am interested in many fields and have taken many courses outside my major — which is probably why so many people forget what my major is exactly — my chief interests lie in the areas of psychology, writing, critical thinking, and creativity.

I believe that these interests have been put on my heart by God and will all work together to help me become a professional writer (and perhaps even an apologist) who seeks to honour God and draw connections with the world by telling them his story through my story and various other heartfelt and artistic lenses.

By God’s grace, I’ve just started working for Digital Strategies in the dynamic role of an intern, where I will be happily contributing to the team by providing online mentoring, writing, editing, and inspiration.

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