Imagine struggling with an addiction, a broken relationship, a loss of a job or a terminal illness. Or perhaps feeling shame, experiencing depression, or feeling like you have nowhere to turn. You search online for answers and come across an invitation to find hope with the help of an online mentor.

This is the heart of P2C Digital Strategies — to train, encourage, and mobilize Christians across the world to become digital missionaries.

I’m excited to use my gifts and talents as a Graphic Design Intern at P2C Digital Strategies this summer. I will be creating content in both French and Farsi (a Persian language!) to reach people who don't know Jesus and invite them into online mentorship with a Christian. I have been studying Graphic Design at KPU in BC this past year, and this is an incredibly exciting opportunity for me to implement what I’ve been learning while also being on mission to advance the Gospel.

I pray that God would use this work to help people discover who they were created to be, know His unconditional love for them, and draw people closer to Himself.

Would you consider partnering with me financially or in prayer to make Jesus known around the world?

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