The world Is online. That opening line of P2C Digital Strategies’ mission statement leads to the question: "Why are they online?" They're not just shopping or trying to pass the time with social media. Much of the world is online because they are looking for answers to the struggles of their life. It is amazing how many people are at a point of transition in their life and are actively looking for a way to make their life better.

That brings us to the second part of our mission statement, We help them know Jesus. In that point of life transition, there is a divine opportunity to help that person discover a life-transforming relationship with Jesus.

Whether as an online mentor, a pastor, a youth employment counselor, or as a caregiver to ‘at-risk’ kids, I have been called of God to roles where I can come alongside people in their season of transition and point them to Jesus. In my current role as a Mentor Coordinator, not only do I get to help people in their season of transition, but I have the privilege of supporting the ministry of many other mentors who are helping the online world to know Jesus. One of the joys in my ministry has been to see those who I have mentored become a mentor themself, pointing other people to Jesus.

One of our strategies, called The Digital Doorway, is to partner with churches and other ministries in order to help them use online mentoring in the work to which God has called them. This allows them to use our expertise and resources in online ministry to unlock conversations about life, Jesus, and the Church. As a part of The Digital Doorway team, I love being able to help churches equip their people for sharing their faith, and then mobilize them in active online evangelism and discipleship, which often inspires them to boldness in their face-to-face evangelism as well.

I'd like to invite you to partner with us in this ministry through prayer and financial support in order to help the online world to know Jesus.

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