As a daughter of an English professor, I learned at an early age the joys and headaches of putting a pen to paper. It was through writing that I learned how to express my passion, joys and frustrations — and the effects that could have on others.

I received Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord at the age of 15 and it was evident at the outset that the call of God was on my life. As a pastor’s daughter and granddaughter, I served in various capacities in the church. But I realized later in life that I had a greater call on my life than working solely in administrative capacities. I have been privileged to share my passion and ministry gifts with young girls and women who are lost, hurting or just need a little encouragement.

I am committed to “finding the need and meeting it; finding the hurt and healing it.” My objective is to complete the God-ordained assignment for my life while allowing the transforming power of God’s love to minister life and hope to his people as I follow him with a sincere and Christ-centered heart.

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