After 10 years as a single in the student ministry of CRU (in the southeastern US and then a two-year stint in Hungary), I married and joined my husband Ron in the French student ministry of Agape France. We spent several years ministering together to college students and 17 years in total working in various positions in France. During that time I grew to love French people and the French culture and language. When we returned to North America and joined the Power to Change team in 2005, I was offered the opportunity to continue to minister in France (and in all the francophone world) through the online outreach of Digital Strategies.  

One of the things that I love about online ministry is the anonymity of our conversations. This allows our correspondents to be open about the heavy burdens they are carrying, whether they are experiencing shame over past behavior, guilt over the consequences of a regrettable mistake, confusion because of a painful relationship, or fears about the future. I believe one of the greatest gifts we offer is to allow them to break years of silence and say, "I have never told anyone this."  They write about their abortions, their porn addictions, their job loss, their disappointing relationships, their financial struggles, and many other issues. It's my hope that with this first baby step they will start the process of forgiveness and healing. We listen and empathize with their struggles, and then share with them God's grace and his offer of forgiveness and eternal life.  

Recently, during a series of exchanges with a young woman in Haiti, I received this message:

“I accepted this truth. I prayed the prayer. I trembled a little while I was praying, but I accepted Jesus in my life ... I feel that something good is being prepared for me as I follow this path toward God.”

She has continued to correspond with me, and I am thankful for the interactive resources on our website that are helping her to grow in her understanding of her assurance of salvation, of what it means to follow Jesus, and of the role of the Holy Spirit in her life. It's so amazing to be able to minister from my home to people that I will likely never see in this life, but will have the joy of meeting face to face in the next one!  

I'm so thankful for those who support this ministry through prayer and financial partnership. Their generosity allows me to continue in this ministry.

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