Reading and writing have brought so much joy to me, from early childhood to now! So it is not surprising that God has called me to a ministry that uses the written word to reach the world for him.

I know that if I share my story verbally, God can use it to touch one life, or maybe the lives of a group of people. But if I take the time to carefully craft that story and share it online, it becomes a constant witness to God’s work in my life, a witness he can use to transform thousands of people all around the world.

That is why I have chosen to work with P2C Digital Strategies. This ministry allows me to influence the world for Christ through my writing. But it also grants me the opportunity to encourage Christians to share their stories, thoughts, feelings, and faith journeys through online ministry. I love challenging people to write for us, translate for us, or mentor with us, knowing that they can have a worldwide impact by doing so.

Church history teaches us that the written word and other media have been used by God to change the world, one heart at a time. And it still works today! I want to participate as fully as possible in that continuing saga. Will you join me?

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