Increased Impact

When he first wrote in, Mark* had just recommitted his life to Christ after having spent a fair amount of time far away from the Lord. After a few messages, the new mentor who was communicating with him marked him as spam because she did not know how to interact with a new Christian, since receiving emails from Christians is rare in the French mentoring ministry.

The message was redirected to a mentor who greatly enjoys following up new Christians and seeing them established in the faith. As Mark and this mentor wrote back and forth, they talked and prayed about so many things: Mark’s emotional, spiritual, and physical health, his financial needs, and his need to further understand the basics of the Christian life.

The mentor shared an article about the role of the Spirit in the life of the believer, to then invite Mark to read Ephesians to establish a good understanding of his new identity in Christ and his call as a Christian. As they read this book together and prayed, the topic of participating in a church community and in God’s mission came up naturally. Mark said he had already returned to church, and was beginning to serve in a ministry in hospitals with other members of the church. On weekends, they would go to one of the local hospitals, visit the sick, and offer to pray for them and explain the Good News about Jesus to them. They saw several people come to Christ every time they went out. Soon, Mark went from being trained in this ministry to training others, and would often ask his online mentor to pray specifically for that outreach with him.

Mark and his mentor continue to correspond several times a week, praying for one another and the various challenges God allows in each of their lives. It has been so exciting to see Mark gain assurance of God’s love and power as God continually answers his prayers for work situations, home situation, financial situations and his ministry. Please pray that Mark will continue to walk in the Spirit, and that God will continue to use him and his team to bring thousands of people to Christ through their hospital outreach in Africa.

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