Our Approach

Our approach is simple. Content on our sites invites users to enter into a conversation with an online Christian mentor whose aim is to help them draw closer to Jesus.

Online Conversations

We have built a browser-based mentoring platform that allows us to facilitate secure and confidential conversations between Christian volunteers and the people who write in.

Training, support, and resourcing is provided for free through The Mentor Ministry team. Our amazing international partners have translated this platform into several languages to facilitate culturally appropriate communication.

This free service offers churches a great way to help people live out The Great Commission as online missionaries. We are establishing partnerships with a growing network of Christian churches and organizations, and together, we are discovering how to better help seekers and new Christians transition from online mentoring to local church engagement. Will you prayerfully consider becoming a Mentor with us today?

The Spiritual Journey Unaware Curious Follower Guide Meeting Trusting Becoming Open Seeking Appears Committing Walking Engaged Sharing Discipling Teaching
The Spiritual Journey. ©P2C Digital Strategies

“Closer” to Jesus

The image to the left depicts The Spiritual Journey. This diagram helps us keep track of a mentee’s and mentor’s progress in TMM.io. It also helps us understand that most people come to Christ in a gradual way and have differing needs depending on where they are at in their journey. Discerning their spiritual state helps us better respond to those needs. As the diagram illustrates, people who are unaware of Christ or simply curious about him are not experiencing a living relationship with him. They are separated from him. However, even after they become Christians, they can go from being close to Christ to distant at any point in time no matter how far they have progressed in their involvement in his Church and in his mission. The diagram illustrates this truth by showing a range for each category.

Mentors invest in the lives of others for eternity, from their own home and on their own schedule. They are Christians who have chosen to join people on their spiritual journeys, offering them their compassionate presence, sharing from their life experience, suggesting resources, and helping them draw closer to Jesus — at any time, wherever in the world they might be.

Content that Draws People Into Mentoring

In addition to partnering with other organizations that develop their own content, we’ve designed sites to reach people who find themselves anywhere in the Spiritual Journey, including the Unaware or Curious stages.

The Issues I Face site, available in multiple languages, aims to present different perspectives on common life experiences. We share stories about universally pertinent topics such as addiction, grief, illness, or relational issues without any overt mention of Christianity. This allows us to connect with people from around the world no matter what their spiritual background or condition might be. When they write in, mentors deliberately choose to adapt themselves to their state and their needs in a loving, compassionate and wise manner. We call this the Issues I Face Strategy, which is now available in 19 languages thanks to our amazing network of partners!

A Mentor's Testimony